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The Paper Bead Series is comprised of earrings, bracelets and necklaces made mostly out of handmade paper beads. Each bead starts with a sheet paper. I choose papers that have interesting patterns, nice color combinations, or unique surface textures. The native hand made papers from Japan, Nepal, India, and Italy are frequently used in my beads. Once I choose a paper, I cut the sheet into long strips, and then hand roll each strip into small cylindrical bead. After the paper strips are rolled, I coat each bead with many layers of an acrylic sealant, which makes each bead water and dirt resistant. I finally finish each bead by capping each end of the bead with sterling silver or 14 kt gold fill. Because of the nature of hand made paper and of the rolling process to make each bead, every single bead is a unique piece.

Once all of the paper beads are completed, I create necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by matching each bead with other materials such as sterling silver, glass beads, semi-precious stone chips, or bits of bone or clay beads. Each piece is a unique work, and the majority of my designs are one-of-a kind.

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